Our Team

Grand Moore is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for professional excellence

and depth in corporate finance, financial advisory and their respective areas of expertise. The strength of the team lies in its ability to provide comprehensive services that are eagerly sought in the course of corporate development. Our self-motivated employees bring fresh ideas, acumen and ingenuity to their work. Together, we strive and transcend precedence.

Management Team

Johnny Law
Managing Director

Johnny brings over 15 years of experience in the equity capital markets from a variety of corporate finance activities with a focus in IPOs and mergers and acquisitions in Hong Kong. He demonstrates adept capabilities and insight in practicable solutions when facing market challenges. He inspires the team to passionately pursue unprecedented and viable approaches that add value and deliver results.

Philip Chau
Managing Director

Philip has over 30 years of experience in banking and corporate finance. He was formerly the Head of Investment Banking Department of a Hong Kong-listed securities firm. He also served as a corporate finance director in several local and international securities houses and an investment bank as well. Over the years, he has handled numerous corporate finance transactions, including public listings in Hong Kong and the PRC, fund raising activities in the secondary market, and financial advisory for public and private companies in the Greater China region.

Kevin So
Managing Director – Investment Banking

Kevin demonstrates his versatility in the financial industry earned from more than 20 years of experience. Previously, he oversaw transaction advisory operations as a Senior Vice President of a financial services firm. He was also an Executive Director of a Main Board-listed company in Hong Kong in charge of fintech and e-commerce businesses and corporate finance activities. He has advised on a number of IPOs and reverse takeovers as well.

Thomas Leung
Managing Director

Thomas has served in several active PRC, Taiwanese and Hong Kong investment banks, accumulating over twenty years of experience in corporate finance. Mr. Leung has extensive practical experience in handling IPO business and has assisted over 20 PRC and Hong Kong companies in listing on the main board and GEM board. In addition to IPO business, Mr. Leung has also served as financial advisor for many listed companies in their mergers and acquisitions, and is well-versed in the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Stock Exchange and the Securities and Futures Commission.

Albert Poon
Director – Investment Banking

For more than 20 years, Albert has been bringing dependable advice in financial and securities investment to his clients. Previously, he was a fund manager and worked in-house with several listed companies in Hong Kong, handling a wide variety of corporate deals and financing exercises. Currently, he is an Adjunct Associate Professor of a tertiary education institute in Hong Kong and also an independent non-executive director for three Hong Kong-listed companies. Hence, his close ties with the capital market are further fostered.

Jack Wong
Associate Director
With over 18 years of experience in the securities and futures industry, Jack has accumulated extensive experience in the Hong Kong capital markets.  He has worked for a long-established local securities brokerage and has developed managerial knowledge, including internal operations and financial expertise. He has leveraged his professional knowledge and frontline practical experience to provide value-added advice to clients. In addition, he has garnered rich experience in adhering to regulatory requirements set forth by regulators.